This Is How To Use Twitter In Nigeria Despite Ban By Buhari’s GovtThis Is How To Use Twitter In Nigeria Despite Ban By Buhari’s Govt

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This Is How To Use Twitter In Nigeria Despite Ban By Buhari’s Govt

This Is How To Use Twitter In Nigeria Despite Ban By Buhari’s Govt

Nigerians can use Virtual Private Networks to access Twitter now that the social media platform’s operations have been suspended in the nation.


A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that extends a private network across a public networ


It allows users to send and receive data through shared or public networks as though they were linked directly to the private networ


On Friday, the Nigerian government announced the suspension of Twitter through Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information and Cultur


This came after the microblogging service removed “genocidal” tweets from President Muhammadu Buhari on the 1967-1970 Biafran War, in which many people die


The Ministry of Information and Culture made the news in a statement, citing the “consistent use of the platform for actions that are capable of damaging Nigeria’s corporate existence.” as the caus


The Nigerian government then ordered the National Broadcasting Commission to begin licensing all OTT and social media businesses in the country right awa


The platform is no longer active in Nigeria, according to a review by SaharaReporters in the early hours of Saturda


This article explains how to use a VPN to get around the government’s Twitter ba


When using public networks, a VPN connection allows users to establish a secure network connectio


It is critical in assisting users in protecting their internet traffic and maintaining their online identitie


When you connect to a secure VPN server, for example, your internet traffic is sent through an encrypted tunnel that no one, including hackers, governments, or your internet service provider, can se


The ability to alter your IP address is one of the advantages of utilizing a VPN. This means that if you get a new IP address — which can be from any nation — you can use Twitter as if you’re in that nation without any restriction


Below is a list of VPNs to downloa


NordVPN: it is fast, reliable, top-security, has a thirty-day money-back guarantee, and is used to access worldwide location


Surfshark: it does not have an internet limit, cost-effective, great security features, and great unblocking feature


ExpressVPN:  excelling in unblocking different content, fast, reliable, great streaming features, efficient applications, and excellent customer suppor


CyberGhost: fast, secure, consistent connections and great securit


IPVanish: uses a maximum of ten devices and offers excellent services for Amazon Fire TV and Kod


PrivateVPN: fast, reliable, and secure when streaming different Netflix contenti.y.t.s.s.d:s.e.s.n.n.y.y.e.d.e.k.k.




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