[Lyrics] A-Reece – EXP 3

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A-Reece - EXP 3 Lyrics

A-Reece – EXP 3 Lyrics

Get familiar with the lyrics of EXP 3 from your cherished rapper A-Reece

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You can count on me to make a masterpiece

Make your master tip his hat for me

Turn your life into a William Shakespeare tragedy

Bitch i’m well revered in this faculty

Niggas know I scorch microphones

I only choke on Marijuana smoke

I’m far from just a common folk

You can be a causality

My relatives are not my only family

If you ain’t certified you can not ask for me

You living in a virtual reality

They describe my self esteem as border line vanity

Your whole discography is just a fallacy

You can count on me to make a masterpiecе

Bitch, Of course the formula is Mash and me

It had to bе


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