[Entertainment] Olamide and Wizkid: The Ride Of Major Sonic Chemistry.

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Olamide and Wizkid: The Ride Of Major Sonic Chemistry. “Both Engaging Western Supremacy”

Supreme sonic deliveries evolves around the supremacy of acts in-charge; and this two great kings always work hand in hand, and they form supreme together. They’re paramount when perfect delivery is the context. When they collaborate for a tune, you are surely leaving amazed, filled with extravagant wonder and great hedonism attached. “It’s intriguing”.

“Omo To Shan” track began this two journey in 2011, and together they prevailed good vibes excellently. They are compact able and fit from day till date. A combine force that exercises thick bond, and love for another.

Olamide – Omo To Shan Ft. Wizkid

Wizkid is the father of good gbedu, and Olamide the king of the street gbedu. The both combination is literal lituation filling the air, it’s lovely to witness. It’s overdose fulfilling. Full of westernized supremacy. “One is absolutely singing and maybe chorusing priceless with the Yoruba lingua, and the other laying stacks of freaky rap flows with same dialect or maybe with little of Queen Elizabeth’s lingua”. And that’s bloody supremacy which leaves their major western listeners with a sense of deep fulfillment, backed with serial engagement to dine their lovely tunes. “They feel so important and regarded.”

Olamide – Kana Ft. Wizkid

Olamide and Wizkid, is chemistry. And it comes with a drive towards supremacy on the same context. They flow without cause, they establish a strong union together and it intrigues one. “Kana”, a latter track was relished at great height. The blend was totally amazing; tuned by Legendury beats, it filled lovely. Olamide sings the chorus, Wizkid waxed, stroked the beautiful hook to unleash the sweetness to echelon. “If I tell you do like dis, omo sho ma do like this. If I tell you do like dat, omo sho ma take am to the left o”. Chemistry! He continues to cast the spell of sweetness and Olamide only left the same way.

Olamide – Totori ft.Wizkid Id Cabasa

“Totori” also came through, and it left its addictive blue-print unstained. We loved it truly, singed along and confirmed what true chemistry is all about when this two takes on the game. Olamide and Wizkid, they are irreplaceable. They are positive vibes and they kill it remorseless. “Oya totori me one time” To! Wizkid creates the magic continuous and leaves his brother Olamide to perform his bloody street rap. “Totori” is remarkable and you have to agree how the flow between this two remains ever expensive, it’s final and out for your grab. Blood is thicker than water, that’s basically the representation. Exuding westernized supremacy together. – Olamide and Wizkid’s paramount sonic chemistry. We need more voices like this two, the vibe they churne is placeable. It’s paramount, and of course you can’t love them any less. It’s supreme.


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